The festivity has been over for some couple of days, but until now, I am still able to feel the atmosphere. Yeah, after about thirty days fasting, the time has come for all the muslims all over the world to celebrate the Eid mubarak. In Indonesia, the country I live, Eid festivity is usually marked by family gathering. The entire members of the family will commonly get together visit the parents' house, or the eldest one. After having the Eid pray, the whole family will start the party by having a ketupat and the opor ayam as its typical menu to take.

The ketupat has been like a Branding of Eid Mubarak ceremony. It is made basically of rice actually. The rice is stewed into a boiling water. But before that, each of the rice seed is being placed in 'janur' , a coconut leaf which is braided in such a manner, so it forms like rhomb. After well cooked, the ketupat will be served with opor ayam. A cuisine made of chicken, managed with plenty typical spices and ended by adding a coconut milk poured into it.

All the warmth and togetherness of Eid festivity has been one of valuable precious moment of the family. As for me, it is time for me to release all the love I've felt these years, far far away from this family. Today I get back to my daily routine, but the memory of Eid will certainly never be forgotten.


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