My Entreaty Secret’s

I think that I've been so lucky could work here, in this company. On the first time, I never expected that I will suitable for the job. But I was typical person who want to learn more and more until I were able doing it. So here I am, today in my own office. Despite I have dealing with so many papers on my desk, I never think that it is a hard. But always grateful for everything fruition, I always want to.

Considered that I was mobile employee, sometimes I just need company to give attention for my problems, such as reimbursement for my car gas, and parking maybe. But from the beginning until now, I never get that. You know it's become such dilemma if I had to used my own money for my company business. Isn't that fair ? It is same like they cut some pieces of my salary every month. Imagine, I had goes through this matter until this day.

With so much respect, dear boss, would mind to think over about this, again. Ain't ask to much to you, didn't I ? If I'm complacent with what I'm get from the company, sure it will be influence my work flow. And of course it will give you so much advantages, will ya ? So I beg on you, please facilitate your employees with Vehicle Reimbursement. You can pay it with the pay out, if you don't mind.


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