I have a very good fellow living abroad, and we used to build our communication by email. Not only because we can tell and write many things through email, but also we sometimes do the photos exchanging. It happens that we both love and often being admired by nature so much, and so exchanging nature photos or some other photo stories feels very fun.
But it sometimes becomes problem that I ain't check my email regularly, so sometimes I don't know if my fellow has already send me email. Well once I feel not so comfortable with my self for not notifying his email, and as mobile phone is the prominent device I always bring in, I wonder about connecting Email To Phone Service. In that way, I won't miss any email from him :) .

If you my friends who happens to read this post, I wanna share this information with you too. Well if you are thinking of doing thing like what I do right now, connecting email to
phone service, you will be able to get it. You - just like me as well - can simply sign up to enotifyme. For personal or even for corporate service, they will provide it for you.

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