Watch HawthoRNe Season 3 Episode 10 - HawthoRNe Season Finale. Here is the season finale of HawthoRNe Season 3. The title of HawthoRNe S03E10 is “Shot in the Dark” and it will Premieres Tuesday, August 16 and you can watch at 9:00 PM on TNT.

HawthoRNe Season 3 Episode 10 “Shot in the Dark” synopsis: Christina now runs James River Hospital while her husband hopes the operation for a close friend will save his life and Kelly has a change in her career at the hospital. After excepting his proposal bobbie and Steve must decide where they will go next. Camille must decide if the time is right to go to college or stay at the hospital.

So, don’t forget watch HawthoRNe Season 3 Episode 10 and also the Season Finale of the series. Enjoy the show.


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