Watch Chaos Season 1 Episode 13. Here is the next episode of Chaos which aired Saturday July 16, 2011. On Chaos episode 13 with title Proof of Life, you will watch A former team member who was thought to be dead is actually being held hostage in Panama. Risking their careers and lives, the ODS head out, on another rogue mission, to bring him back.

Chaos Season 1 Episode 13 - Proof of Life will hits your TV screen, Saturday July 16, 2011 on CBS at 9:00pm.

The Guest Cast of Chaos Season 1 Episode 13 are David Orth as Harris, Paul Wu as Chakan, Jesse Borrego as Ernesto Salazar, Margo Martindale as Doris Blashik, C. Thomas Howell as Carson Simms and Eric Breker as Griggs.

"Chaos" is a comedic drama about a group of rogue CIA spies in the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services (CHAOS), who combat threats to national security amidst bureaucratic gridlock, rampant incompetence and political infighting.

So, are you ready to watch Chaos Season 1 Episode 13 - Proof of Life?


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