I'm through my days with blogging is my daily activity. I'm post everything I wanna share, I want to tell, I want to scream hehehe. With blogs also I have met some new friends, build my own community and stick it together. It's fun, really fun actually. And I have visit my new friends blog, leave my comments there, or if I'm lucky I have chit chat with the owner if they were online too. But, now I'm realize, my blog isn't too colorful. I have not much added images into my posts cause there are limits capacity database if I have to add some images for my post.

And now there's a new innovation whether with photo galleries I'm tells here. So whenever you want to add some images, sometimes you have to seek, copying, resizing, uploading and inserting images. Well, that's right, but now with acobox.com, you don't need to do that anymore. The innovation of acobox of hosted images is, they give free images for bloggers to be copied everywhere anywhere you want. See how much is gallery categories they got here, there is landscape, architecture, urban, panorama, monochrome, animals, plants, etc. Or you can search images you need all by keyword too. Interesting with my information, so come and check it out.


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