Consumers’ image of products/service holds a prominent matter in products/service it self. It is like the ‘aha’ point, meaning common people seeing this branding, they will connect the branding directly to the products or service provided.

In order to make company's job getting easier, the existence of third party can be a very good solvent, whether by the consideration of idea, experience, and knowledge. The third party I am talking about here is Advertising Agency. Perhaps the explaination above is not easy to read, but i will give you a small illustration about it.

It happens that my country has just celebrate it's sixty third indepence by last august 17th. But two weeks before that, many races or fun games have been held all over this country, and as the climax show usually is a parade or marching bands, passing over city streets or gathered in certain field.

Shows or parades are commonly sponsored by public or commercial companies, and as the result those companies have the opportunity to put their banners, logos or attributes.
This is where I said 'consumer's image' takes the place, because for a common products or services, it is not hard for ordinary people to easily recognized them, only by seeing the company's brandings.
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