The Exes Season 1 Episode 5 - An Inconvenient Tooth

Here the next episode of “The exes” series. On season 1 episode 5, Phil mixes his pleasure with Stuart's business when he sleeps with Stuart's dental assistant. Meanwhile, Eden shows Holly-or at least her borrowed clothes-how to have a good time.

The Exes follows three divorced men: Phil, Haskell and Stuart. They live together in an apartment across from their divorce attorney, Holly. Things get off to a shaky start for Phil and Haskell when they begin to have reservations about living with clingy Stuart, but Holly is right across the hall to help them steer clear of any catastrophes. After all, it helps her to avoid her own relationship and commitment issues!

The Exes lover, that’s my little post about The Exes” An Inconvenient Tooth” and you can watch it Wednesday 10:30 PM on TV LAND.


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