Memphis Beat Season 2 Episode 7 - Body of Evidence. The season 2 episode 7 of Memphis Beat will airs Tuesday July 26, 2011 and the title episode is Body of Evidence. So, don’t go anywhere on the airing date and make sure you watch Memphis Beat Season 2 Episode 7 - Body of Evidence, Tuesday 10:00 PM on TNT,

Episode Summary: The body of a highly regarded man who was known for helping at risk children goes missing during his funeral. Dwight and Whitehead scramble to find the body, yet a very different picture of the supposed model citizen soon begins to take shape.

The Memphis Beat follows Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee), a police detective who loves his mother, the blues, his city, and Elvis Presley and calls himself "the keeper of Memphis". His fierce dedication to his home town is offset by his easygoing approach to his job, an attitude that irks by-the-book Lt. Tanya Rice (Alfre Woodard), his new boss.


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