Watch Horrible Bosses Trailer. Horrible Bosses movie has released but more people still search and watch the trailer of Horrible Bosses. The comedy, directed by Seth Gordon, portrays a trio of overworked working men who are all dealing with harassment from their own bosses.

One of the “bad” bosses is Jennifer Aniston who plays Dr. Julia Harris, a dentist. She sexually harasses her assistant Dale Arbus, played by Charlie Day, by doing everything from squirting him (in inappropriate areas) with one of her tools to blackmailing him with lewd photos.

Aniston wasn’t the only bad boss, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey also play bosses to Jason Bateman, who plays Nick Hendricks, and Jason Sudeikis, who plays Kurt Buckman. Farrell plays Bobby Pellitt, a cocaine-addicted, chemical company manager. Spacey plays Dave Harken, who self promotes himself at his co-workers expense.


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