StarCraft 2: StarCraft 2 ReviewsStarCraft 2: StarCraft 2 Reviews. Blizzard did something pretty unique with the release of "StarCraft 2." Usually members of the press get access to games early, allowing us to spend time with the title for several days or even a week before the game comes out. The benefit of this is that you guys have a well-researched review right on launch day. Blizzard didn't do that, though. Instead, they decided to unlock the game for everyone at the same exact time (last night at midnight), which means we're in the same boat you are. Blizzard's totally in their right to do this and, let's face it, if you're desperately searching for reviews on the day of release, you're probably just killing time at work until you can go home and play. "StarCraft 2" will sell a boatload, good reviews or no.

But, if you are looking for "StarCraft 2" reviews to help make your purchase decision, hold your horses for a few more days as we make our way through the campaign and spend time with the final iteration of multiplayer.

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