Caddyshack Soundtrack

Caddyshack Soundtrack - Caddyshack is a 1980 comedy movie and two song “I’m Alright” and “make the Move” are two songs on Caddyshack Soundtrack list. Last night Crystal Bowersox of American Idol selected Caddyshack soundtrack, I’m Alright. She has done it with her guitar and a drummer.

Movie title: Caddyshack
Year: 1980
Genres: Comedy, Sport
IMDB rating: 7.30
Ty Webb - Chevy Chase
Al Czervik - Rodney Dangerfield
Directors: Harold Ramis
Plot Summary: A millionaire wants to turn a golf course into a new property development, but the president of the golf club doesn't like the idea. This is the basic 'plot' which hides behind the many antics of the employees and players on the golf course.

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