The beach is waiting for you. The holiday is coming. It is time to enjoy the beauty this earth by visiting the nearest beach or making plans to enjoy the beaches throughout the world. Laying back next to the sea and enjoy sunbathing are the dream of every one of us. But sometimes, vacation on the beach put extra problem for us in how to make our loaded in a simple way.

ITSA beach towel can answer your misery. You are no longer had to bring extra bag to bring your supply as long as you are enjoying your on beach vacation. It has 6 features that can help you putting down your belongings. It has 6 pockets, 3 in each side of the towel. You can put you magazine or your eye glasses, or anything else inside them. It also provides you with the pocket that has the zipper to secure your expensive stuff like cell phone or I-pod. It does not even forget your feet, it has the protector for your feet from getting burnt and it is very comfortable.

The last privilege of this beach towel is that you can buy it. You can visit to see and select which ITSA towel that suits you. It is offered in many colors, from the price £ 9.95, £ 16.95 and £ 24.95. Do not let your worry bothers you, beach is waiting.


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