Woman In My Perception

Who doesn't like starring a pretty girl? I do love it, don't you? Women for me are the most beautiful creature in this world. Nothing could compare it, even the most beautiful flowers you have seen can't able to defeat it. Her body, how was she moved, her way to talk, till her breath everything was perfect for me. I never adore another thing than I adore to the women.

Every woman I see is wonderful. With the hairs, doesn’t matter its short or long, coloring or natural. Their body, shape enough at the particular part. The way she moved, walk, run, jump, hold hands together. Their nails, with using polish or even not use it. I don't know, called me crazy but still it won't change anything. I like women in style, with dress, elegant, high heels, red lipstick and if it necessary with using nail polish in their nails.

Women, why they have been created? Perhaps now I don't have any courage to get them once, but I believe someday....someday with someone who was just created for me is waiting there, somewhere. And if it's time, what ever she is and I will be together, forever. Do you think woman isn’t beautiful?


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