The adaptation of large-screen of the twilight, Stephenie Meyer 'lovesong bestselling of vampire of S, is straightforwardly aimed its demographic main thing: girls of the adolescence whose idea of the prince the charm one is brooded, pale, vampires of the adolescence which could kill you immediately constantly. Such a prince is more attractive than frightening with the new swan of Bleated of girl (Kristen Stewart), who moves at the rainy-gray city of the forks, Washington, to live with its dad (Billy Burke), the local sheriff that 's.A. disconcerted by a series of animal attacks.
Its first day at the school, Bella appears (obviously) nauseate his/her colleague, Edouard (Robert Pattinson). Prove to be the perfume of its blood is these vampire 's mark of, heroin and its fight not to kill it out of the causes an irresistible traction towards it. If him 's attracted for the normal reasons or because it feels particularly soft with him is vague in the book and with the screen even less clearly; nevertheless, tomb in love with Edouard Bleated hopelessly, who places it on a dangerous way when some vampires of nomad reveal downtown, one particularly sharp on detecting the human one. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (thirteen), the twilight is full with the funny moments--not which is intentional--and the frame, of Stewart with Bella 'with egoistic friend Jessica (Anna Kendrick) of S is spot-on. The weakest bond, unfortunately, is Pattinson. While it looks at certainly the part, its Edouard could have employed an additional testosterone injection (Pattinson, which is the English, James Dean used as model for its American accent). In the scenes where it grogne about temptation to kill those which would harm Bella, or departure around a warning of dangerous forest it as he is, he rather releases a pup from pleurnichery that a monster d�bonnaire. The good news is, its chemistry with Stewart (in particular in their large scene of kissing) are palpable, which, leaves 'face of S it, is really what imports with the twilight ventilators more.
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