The Clone Army gets its own sweet ride! One of the biggest vehicles Hasbro has ever made! Features firing rockets, lights, sounds, articulated legs, and more. Bring one home and stop the Separatist threat!
At last, the Clone Army gets its own sweet ride! Continue the Clone Wars with this massive troop transport. Packed with heavy artillery, this one-of-a-kind vehicle is loaded with gizmos like firing rockets, automatic hatches, and the capacity to carry up to 20 Clone Trooper action figures (1 Clone Trooper included). It features electronic lights, sounds, phrases, and articulated legs. There are even foot pegs that allow figures to descend the ramp! This unbelievable vehicle is quite literally the biggest thing ever for your Clone Trooper army, so be sure to bring one (or two) home to help stop the Separatist threat!

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