As a blogger, sometimes we want have a dynamic homepage in design and content because design of homepage and good content can increase the visitor and that’s good value for us because we can make a loyal visitor for our homepage and creating custom homepage is the choice.

Sometimes we find a good custom homepage with the interested picture in the homepage such artist, animal, sport or ourselves photo. Wow very interesting, and today I want write about creating the custom homepage by is a groovy google homepage and you can create your Personalize Google homepage with many more image like celebrities, animal, sporty, space and you can add your own image too.

By have powered by google, you just not have a unique personalize homepage but you also have benefit from the largest search engine and that’s make your homepage will crawl google search with fast.

So, if you really want to create you custom homepage, you can visit the and find more about custom homepage and how creating the unique personal homepage and add your personal image such your friend and family and that will your homepage really different from the others. Ok guys, lets us proud by making the custom homepage on


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